Lladró porcelains appeal to all kind of people who appreciate art irrespective of their country of origin, their race or culture. This is because their message of beauty, sensitivity and tenderness is shared beyond all frontiers. Lladró porcelains are known for their prestige and quality, they are recognised as prime examples of artistic porcelain. Lladró is active on all five continents through an extensive network of stores chosen for their quality and locations. In addition, Lladró figurines have entered the permanent holdings of fine museums around the world. Lladró Privilege has over 130,000 members throughout the world, people from different backgrounds and cultures who have felt the call of artistic porcelain. It is a fascination that proves that Lladró porcelain possesses the secret of one of the most universal and timeless kinds of beauty.


We at  Montinas gift shops are proud to be one of Spain´s largest dealers with a selection of over 2000 different models, many of which are now discontinued and hard to find. Having hence become a preferred source for retired pieces. In the Selection of items shown in our catalogue, you will find quite a comprehensive range of pieces to suit everyone's taste, although our entire stock is not shown.

Please feel free to contact us for any specific items of your interest.


Montinas Lladró Nao Elisa Swarovski Majorica
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