Although Nao creations are made in their own proprietary studios, they enjoy all the backing of the experience and prestige of Lladró in the field of porcelain art. Each Figurine is conceived from an Original design by an artist working exclusively for Nao. Following a labour-intensive process, which is totally artisan in nature, these figurines are fired at high temperatures, which is the fundamental characteristic defining authentic porcelain. Since 1968, Nao offers a collection of figurines that stand out for the perfection of their finishes, for their purity of form and the grace and expressiveness of their design. We at Montinas have the full range of Nao designs, having prepared a small selection of the most popular pieces for your viewing in the catalogue ahead, we will be happy to provide you with information on any other pieces not listed. Below we have answered the most frequently asked questions about the Nao brand


Q : Is it true that Nao by Lladró is made by the same company that makes Lladró fine porcelains?
A : Yes. The three Lladró brothers Juan, José and Vicente who jointly founded the world famous Lladró porcelains company own the Nao by Lladró operation. Each one of the brothers is equally as involved in its products and programs.

Q : Where is the Nao brand created and produced?
A : All Nao by Lladró desings are created in the famous Lladró studios in Valencia, Spain and are made with the quality and attention to detail that have made Lladró world renowned.

Q : Are the artisans that created Nao by Lladró actually artisans in training or apprentices that will eventually move on to creating Lladró figurines?
A : The artisans who create the Nao by lladró figurines have the same credentials as those who create the Lladró fine porcelains. They are trained in the same studios and have the same artistic ability to translate moments from life into the special gifts that are the Nao collection.


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