Swarovski crystal began in 1892, when Daniel Swarovski, the son a Bohemian-born gemcutter, invented the first industrial crystal-cutting machine. The quality of the material and the precision of his cut soon earned him an international reputation The magic word was crystal. A raw material, which even the most ancient cultures ascribed beneficial, valuable, indeed miraculous properties. This fascinating material transformed the world of fashion and beauty into a seductively sparkling universe. It inspired the human race and enriched both art and culture.Today Swarovski crystal has become part of the connection between people. With products that are aimed at everyone. They satisfy the senses in a fascinating way A ray of joy, which we would like to share with you, through the small selection of items shown in our catalogue.


We at Montinas gift shops are proud to carry the full range of Swarovski Silver Crystal, Crystal Moments, Swarovski Jewellery, the elegant Crystal Decor collection, Crystal Time watches and the new Swarovski Paradise collection. Please email us for any specific items on your interest.


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